Japanese golf club manufacturer Miura Golf, which has been making the world's highest quality forged irons for 44 years, has named California PGA Master Club fitter David Butler its first Featured Dealer, the company announced.

"We are proud of our strong stable of dealers and the way they all promote Miura product, and this is a chance to recognize the guys who are doing a great job for us," Holowaty says. "David Butler not only personifies the kind of clubfitter Miura Golf is proud t o have custom-fitting and building our clubs, but he took steps to sell only Miura product, which shows his commitment to Miura and the quality of our brand."Butler is a Mechanical Engineer who has become one of the world's foremost clubfitters and builders. 

"My product is very unique, as Miura products are not found in golf retail stores," Butler says. "Miura Golf Clubs are the only golf club brand that I carry. I do not compete with retailers, sell off-the-shelf clubs or sell knockoffs. I fit and build the golf clubs. I even have people coming from Europe to get the 'Miura irons.' "Butler's engineering background is quite eclectic, having served in various capacities at four different companies-including 15 years as a chief engineer at Chrysler Corporation, with stints in Colombia, England and Detroit.

 "With our dealers, the old rules that based success solely on sales or purchases don't necessarily apply with us. We want those like David who are passionate about the product, and these guys all are. If we're able to let them feel what's it's like to be part of the Miura family they'll appreciate us as much as we appreciate them."